This time we want to show the user something on its phone.

We are able to write something to it, to personalize some information for the user. Maybe you have a system which stores your phonenumbers and the address and you now want to show the user who calls you.  (like: 123 Mr or Mrs Smith, 21 Elmstreet)

String dataSending = “<?xml version=\”1.0\” encoding=\”ISO-8859-1\” ?>”+
    “<CiscoIPPhoneText>” +
    “<Title>MyTitle</Title>” +
    “<Prompt/>” +
  CiscoTerminal ciscoTerminal = (CiscoTerminaladdress.getTerminals()[0];
  // just get any working Terminal .. (dont try to send it to getTerminal 0
  // then take a look at your phone 🙂
  // best: compare it with the terminalname (anyTerminal.getName())
      try {


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