Write something to your Cisco Phone

This time we want to show the user something on its phone.

We are able to write something to it, to personalize some information for the user. Maybe you have a system which stores your phonenumbers and the address and you now want to show the user who calls you.  (like: 123 Mr or Mrs Smith, 21 Elmstreet)

String dataSending = “<?xml version=\”1.0\” encoding=\”ISO-8859-1\” ?>”+
    “<CiscoIPPhoneText>” +
    “<Title>MyTitle</Title>” +
    “<Prompt/>” +
  CiscoTerminal ciscoTerminal = (CiscoTerminaladdress.getTerminals()[0];
  // just get any working Terminal .. (dont try to send it to getTerminal 0
  // then take a look at your phone 🙂
  // best: compare it with the terminalname (anyTerminal.getName())
      try {


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