How to fix missing images in BI-Publisher (RTF->Mail)

Today i was facing the issue, that i created a report in BI-Publisher via RTF and it should be send out via email.
Unfortunately the images always pointed to the wrong location (Temporary Folder in BI-Publisher).

Here is how to solve it using Word 2010.
Make sure your image is available through the internet (
Rightclick on your image in the RTF-File and set the [Format-Grafic–>Alternative Text] description in the following format:
Save it.

Now the Trick.
Open the RFT file in any text editor and search for your image. You will find something like that (German version)
{\sv Beschreibung: url:\'7b''\'7d}
The Trick is to remove the text “Beschreibung: ” that it looks like that:
{\sv url:\'7b''\'7d}

Save and upload your template and you will see that it is working now!
Hope it helps!

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